Minis For Lennon

I do not do mini sessions often but when I do I want to partner with an organization & give back. This year I found a cause that touches my heart, Lennon Rain's T1D Fund set up by her mother Natalie Glass is a story worth hearing. 

Below is Lennon Story Written By Natalie

"Our 17 month old daughter, Lennon Glass, came down with symptoms of a bad cold and began to run a fever. After a few days she started becoming very lethargic and  began to throw up shortly after and we took her immediately to Egleston children’s hospital. She was diagnosed with the flu and blood work was ordered to be performed. After analyzing the blood samples, It was then that they saw that her blood sugar levels were north of 400 (they should be around 100). The doctors diagnosed her with type one diabetes and said that she was in diabetic Keto acidosis (DKA) which is life threatening. It is  believed that her immune system began attacking the cells within her pancreas that create insulin to regulate her blood sugar levels. After spending 4 days in the PICU and Endocrinology floor we came home to major adjustments in Lennon’s diet, sleeping patterns, Natalie having to be with her around the clock, and learning how and when to give her insulin. We are believers and believe that the Father will manifest Lennon’s healing that Jesus shed His blood for her, but in the mean time we are asking for support and donations for certain expenses and  a service dog that can detect if Lennon’s blood sugar ever goes low or high. Her levels going low have  major risk as she can have seizures, brain damage, and other serious concerns. A week after we came home from the hospital, Lexie’s (and our) little dog, Bingo, was killed after getting hit by a car. This dog would mean a lot to our family on many different levels and most importantly for the safety and care of Lennon. A diabetic alert dog fully trained and certified  is $15,000. Currently Natalie has to wake up multiple times during the night and prick Lennon’s finger to measure her blood sugar levels to make sure they are not High or low. The service dog would help immensely during the night and give us peace a mind as we all sleep. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. "

As many of you know my daughter is almost two & my mini best friend. Being parents is hard some day but its the best part of our lives while they are young & need us most!

I grew up & went to high school with Natalie, as soon as I saw her story posted on Facebook I knew this was why I had not done mini session yet. Now that we have our cause  let me tell you about our donation mini sessions. 

May 20th Krishna Sutherland Photography will hold donation mini sessions for Lennon. The minimum donation is $125 & will include a 20 min session, & 4x4 image cube that holds 5 images & 10% off any additional products. $100 from each session will be donated to the Glass Family. Glass Makeup will offer complimentary makeup appointments upon request, please let us know if you will need a makeup appointment when you book your session. 

To sign up for a time click the BOOK NOW & select a time. Please make sure you are on May 20th!


I will email you with a confirmation, contract & invoice link. If we need additional dates I will open more times just email me before May 7th!


If you would just like to donate the the Glass Family & DO NOT NEED a session you can Here


Thanks Yall For Your Support In Helping The Glass Family!